What the Opiyo family has been up to….


A lot has happened since we left Kenya three years ago (including these two precious goofballs). We thought we should give you a quick update of what is happening in the life of the Opiyo family.


Pursuing post secondary education was one of our biggest reasons for returning to Canada. It was a long journey, but this past April, Kelvin graduated from the Business Administration in Professional Management Program at Selkirk College! He is the first in his family of 10 to attend college and he did it while having two babies and working to provide. He is our super hero!

I (Nikole) have also gone back to school. After giving birth to my two beautiful daughters and then witnessing the difficulties that pregnant women in Kenya face, God has given me a passion for pregnant mommies and newborns. I am currently studying childbirth education with hopes of starting a prenatal program to support, encourage, and educate women in Kongowea.

Besides education, we have both been fortunate to get wonderful jobs. We hibernate in the winter because we detest the snow and cold. We love our awesome church community where Kelvin serves on the leadership team. We have adored our time with Nikole’s family. We miss fresh Kenyan food but areĀ soaking up fresh berries, Ice Capps, and other awesome goodies not found in Kenya.


Mercy Atieno Opiyo was born April 5, 2014. Our world changed for ever when we welcomed this little bundle of sass (and joy!) into our lives. She is now just over two years old and adores being around people (just like her daddy). She is full of sass and attitude and humour and compassion. She is extremely polite. She can sing every nursery ryhme ever written. Her emotions and will are starting to develop so temper tantrums are becoming the norm. She fiercley protects her baby sister from the jungles of daycare. She constantly has us buckled over in laughter, frustrated with her attitude, and in awe of how precious she is.


Amina Adhiambo Opiyo was born September 19, 2015. She is the opposite of her sister in every way. She is sweet and subtle and snuggly. We still can’t figure out where she got her big round eyes from. She has a constant stream of drool from her lips and yet teeth are no where to be found. She cracks up easily at her sister’s antics and her laugh is contagious. She is our Amina jewel!


We are still planning to leave early next year. We have been busy fundraising and promoting The Rehma Project. Keep praying that all the pieces come together in His perfect timing.

We want to say a big thank you for the overwhelming love and support from our last update! We are honoured that you would follow along our journey with us.

Much love,
The Opiyos

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