Viazi for 10 bob

Since the camps that we had originally planned for here at Word of Life this month have flopped, we have joined in to help out at another day camp that another organization called ECHO CHRIST is running. It’s funny because ECHO CHRIST is made up of our counsellors. We are the ones who have trained them and equipped them over the past few years. They run the same program as we do and have the same tactics that we use. It’s kind of neat to see how your own people have created their own ministries at their own initiative. They have partnered with Compassion International to hold a camp in one of the poorer parts of town. Today was the second day of camp and it was a blast. I just love these kiddies. Kids are so easy to love on and entertain. 
I watched from above at our staff meeting as the kids recited the Lord’s prayer while closing their eyes. Too cute! 

 We played some sort of hand clappy game with the girls during break time.
Here is Mr. Joshua hanging out with kids being little gangstas! 
I think the best part of my day was being able to have a full conversation in swahili with a 3-year-old girl named Maria. She approached me and said, “nina pesa (I have money)”. So we began to talk about the money she was clenching in her fist all day. I asked how much it was and she said that it was 10KES which is about 15cents. I asked what she was going to do with the money, she answered ‘Nataka viazi (I want viazi).” Viazi  is a local snack which is basically pieces of potato dipped in a yummy batter then deep fried. Her plan was to go buy viazi  after camp finished. I saw her leave with the 10 bob still clenched in her tiny hands. 
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