Top 10 things I will miss about Canada

I got a lot of flack from my fellow Canadians about my previous post on what I looking forward to about Kenya. So I decided to do a post on my top 10 things I will miss about Canada. I am sure I will be receiving some flack from my Kenyan friends on this one but here it goes…

10. Amenities. I put this at number 10 because I have to mention it but I know I can and will adapt in Kenya. I will definitely miss the convenience of clean, fresh, drinkable water freely flowing from my taps. Or the fact that our power is very reliable. In the 4 years of living here, our power has maybe gone out twice. Or the reliable, fast, unlimited wifi available almost everywhere you go. Just to name a few.

9. Food. Yes, you are all thinking “but you mentioned this in your Kenya post, make up your mind!”. Certain foods I will miss from Canada like Doritos, Nanaimo bars, berries, grapes, nectarines, fresh apples, Italian sausages, Rice Krispie Squares, and a few more. I realize I can get some of these in Kenya but they just don’t taste the same and I usually have to pay a pretty penny for them. I used to put cheesecake in this list but I have had some killer cheesecake in Kenya in the past few years.

8. Roads and Driving. Although I am not loving our icy winter roads right now, I do appreciate that the majority of our roads are in pretty decent shape and our driving is quite orderly and calm. These factors allow us to drive at fairly high speeds making your travel time less.

7. Canadian Government. Some people may disagree with me, but I think that, for the most part, our government is pretty awesome. Canada has been so welcoming to us and especially Kelvin as a new immigrant. We have benefited from so many of it’s programs and benefits. Not to mention our killer paid maternity leave of one year. What a gift it was to spend that first year at home with Mercy and get paid for it.

6. Medical Care. Again, our medical system is not perfect…but it’s pretty darn good. I am comforted knowing that if we have any medical issues, I am able to easily access a decent doctor and care for free (or a minimal cost). Having given birth twice in the last 3 years, I can say that it has been such a treat to work with our medical system during my pregnancies. Oh and did I mention that I didn’t have to pay a penny?

5. Parks and Playgrounds. I posted this photo on Instagram a while ago saying I was going to miss waterparks when we moved to Kenya. Then I got a whole bunch of Kenyan friends saying that there are tons in Kenya. To be clear, I know that. I know there are lots of things for kids to do in Kenya. However, most of them you have to pay for. Our waterpark here in Castlegar runs all summer long with unlimited water supply. It sits in a park free for anyone to use at anytime. The water is clean (well, I think it is…I mean Mercy has drank her fair share of it and never got sick) and fresh. In the summer, we loved being able to hit up all the parks and playgrounds our city has at no cost to us.

4. Summer. Summer in Castlegar is simply the best.

3. Junction ChurchOur home church has been such a gift to us from the second we stepped into it almost four years ago. What a loving bunch of people! Kelvin has been honoured to serve on the leadership team and we are so grateful for their unwavering support in our endeavours. We will miss doing life with you all.

2. Friends. I grew up in Castlegar and still have such a wonderful community (family, really) in this city. I will miss you guys. Can’t wait for you all to come visit (hint hint).

  1. Those three goofs on the left. Ok, now I am getting teary-eyed. Enough said.
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