The Rehma Project

The Rehma Project seeks to empower the youth in Kongowea, Kenya. Through mentorship, sports teams, school sponsorships/scholarships, discussion groups, life-skill trainings, and loads of love, our goal is that every youth we work with will become responsible, constructive, contributing and God-fearing members of society. 

The Rehma Project is our baby. It birthed out of a love for young people, an opportunity to coach soccer to a bunch of boys in a slum, and some overwhelming needs.

We often refer to these youth as ‘our kids’. It’s hard to explain exactly what we do. I can give you a list of several of our programs which include the Rehma Boys soccer team, the Rehma Ladies weekly meetings, the Rehma youth scholarship, bible studies, school sponsorships, Nema Homes employment training, the Rehma football league, and our upcoming Rehma ladies basketball programs. However, we do more than just programs. We LOVE these young people. We are their friends, confidants, bosses, coaches, teachers, mentors, and, alot of the time, we fill in as their own parents. We focus on around 50 young people. Our target is not to reach the masses but to impact a few who will make a larger impact in their own communities.

Wanna join in the fun? Here are a few ways you can make an impact:


The Rehma Project cannot run without donors like you. If you would like to contribute to empowering the youth in Kongowea, you can do so by:

Credit Card 

-> Click here to donate by Credit Card
-> Follow the instructions
-> Make sure to specify under the “REMARK” section that the donation is for “Nikole and Kelvin Opiyo Rehma Project”


-> You can send checks to: MMF, PO Box 2401, STN A, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 4X3, Canada.
-> Make sure to make the checks out to Multi-Nation Missions Foundation with a note saying it is for “Nikole and Kelvin Opiyo Rehma Project”

Reccurring gift

-> If you would like to make reccurring monthly donations, please contact and we will direct you on how to do that


I send out frequent prayer letters letting people know of specific things to pray for. Through this you will get to understand what our young people really go through on a day to day basis, the ups and downs of working with these youth and in the community, and how God is being glorified through this project. Let’s get on our hands and knees for God’s people and watch Him move!

Thanks for you love, encouragement and support! Here are some pictures of our times with our youth. If you would like to read more stories, please click the “Rehma Boys” or “Rehma Ladies” tags on the left hand side of my blog.