Let The Good Tears Flow

My mother is a crier. A big time crier. One of those women who cry when she is sad, happy, touched, moved, frustrated, overwhelmed, offended, loved, served, and cared for.

Along with her compassionate heart and her stunning cellulite-free legs, I inherited just a tad of her crying gene. OK, maybe just more than a tad. I, too, am quick to cry for all the same reasons listed above.

This month is already shaping up to be a doozy in the crying arena. Goodbyes are just too hard not to cry. But you know what I have decided…

To just let my good tears flow.

I can be so good at trying to hide the crying for fear of looking foolish. I can even try to disconnect from the moment a little so that my eyes don’t automatically well up. But I am not doing that this month. I am purposing to show and say and do all those mushy-gushy feelings that are running through me.

So if you see me face to face anytime in the next month, know that most likely our interaction will end up with streaks of tears down my face. And I am ok with that.

The girls are getting in some final dates with their besties.

For those who may want to give us a hug good bye and maybe see tears stream down my face, we have two going away parties this month. January 21st we are doing an open house style party at my parent’s place from 1-5pm. On January 22nd, our church is holding a goodbye lunch for us as well after church. Would love to see your beautiful faces one (or two) more times.