Sand, Snacks, and Soccer!

It had been on our hearts for a while to do something special for these boys where we could all get together and just hang out and build a sort of team spirit. We decided to treat the boys to a day at the beach. In the morning, we had troubles at the bank, we couldn’t get the sodas we wanted, it was getting hot, some of the boys decided to leave because we were late but we managed to meet up with them and boy were they ever excited. We hired a mini-bus to take us to the beach. The boys all piled in, jumping up and down, ready to get going. Kelvin and I just looked at each other smiling. We knew it was going to be a special day. 
Kelvin led them through some team building exercises and eventually ended up playing beach soccer for a while. Their sweaty bodies fell in the sand leaving them covered with sand. 

Before we gave them sodas and some snacks, Kelvin had a ‘life’ chat with them about community and loving one another. The boys are really captivated by him. Everything he says they seem to just soak up. 

 I think they can see his love and devotion to them and they appreciate it.

I was excited because this was the first time that I was actually able to spend some time with them other than just greetings as we pass each other. At first I could tell they were just trying to be on their best behaviour but eventually they loosened up and let their true colours shine. 

They totally loved rolling around in the ocean during low tide. 
It’s really amazing how much they love soccer. They would never just pick up the ball and walk with it, someone always had to be kicking or playing with it. We were waiting to be picked up and they occupied the whole street playing. They were laughing so hard. They kept reminding one another that they were in a very posh estate and it wasn’t like their environment where they could scream and yell and make lots of noise. 
It was truly an incredible day. The boys really started to connect and become closer friends than they already were. We were able to lay aside every thing at home, school, work, and struggles in their lives and just have a few hours of joy and relaxation. It’s also incredible to see the change that is happening to them. They are starting to become caring, considerate, hard working young men in their community. We actually have had a few comments from the locals about the positive changes they are seeing in these boys. 
We were able to register them in one of the best leagues in the area. They play their first game on sunday. They have also been asked by the local MP to join another league. 
Keep these boys in your prayers. They have a lot of personal needs and issues that we can’t even fathom. We just keep assuring them that there is Hope for them! 
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