Safari-ing at Mount Kilimanjaro

Hello from Kenya! We made it! Actually, it’s hard to believe we have been here over a week now. It has been one crazy, amazing stretching week for sure.

We are in Mombasa now. We have only been here three nights and, unfortunately, two of those nights were spent in the hospital with Amina. She started getting sick on our safari and I didn’t think too much of it. It was fairly normal and mild. But then she got this fever that was relentless. It just wouldn’t go away and no matter which medicines I gave her, it would not drop. She woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday and her temperature was 40. I knew we just had to get her to a doctor. We hauled Mercy out of bed and crossed town in the middle of the night to get to a hospital. By the time we reached there, her temperature had gone up to 41. I could see that the doctor was pretty alarmed. Long story short, Amina was admitted. She was so dehydrated and lethargic. My mommy heart hurt and I cried next to her. It took about 12 hours and her temperature finally started to mellow out. Turns out she had a fairly common bacterial infection but her body reacted pretty violently to it. Praising God that we were discharged this morning and she seems to be back to her goofy self.

DISCLAIMER: The rest of this post contains an obnoxious amount of photos of our safari. I really really tried to pick the best of the best but, honestly, there were so many more I could have added.

For our wedding anniversary, Kelvin treated our family to a 3 day safari in the Amboseli National Park. This game park is located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Let me just say this now, it is MAJESTIC. The photos we have cannot do it justice. I learned that she (I guess people figure the mountain is female) likes to hide behind clouds most of the day so it’s not easy to get the clearest shot. But when she does poke her head out, it is a thing of beauty. I decided to only give you one of the million photos we took of the mountain. On our way out, we noticed the sky was clear and you could get the most perfect picture of Kilimanjaro.

Mercy said that she wanted to climb the mountain and go throw snowballs at the top with her Grandma. Then she started putting on her Dora crocks.

The camp we stayed in was amazing. It had a platform that was a viewing area for wildlife and Kilmanjaro. Every night we would wander out there before dinner and watch the sun set.

No words.

Look, I spotted a handsome fella!


We were very fortunate that on day 1, first thing we saw were lions!! This king of the jungle was hiding out while the females made a kill. We learned that he had a hurt leg as he limped in front of our car to get to the food.

Mercy kept yelling out, “ROAR!” to the lion. It was cute but kind of freaky because the lion was only like 10 ft from the vehicle. Amina kept saying “Paka!” (Cat in Swahili). Although, every animal to her was either a ‘Paka’ or ‘Doggie’.

Can you spot the lady lion?

Staying close to Mama

We are pretty sure this buffalo was the lion’s next meal.

Scraggily mr Hyena.

Amboseli has a lot of swampy land. It was actually an incredible sight. It looked like grass until you saw elephants and buffalos’ knees disappearing into it. This little elephant was trying to get out of the swamp and catch up to the rest.

Up close and personal.

Daddy and his girls hiking up to a view point.

Mommy and Mercy

No words.

Meeners checking out the birds nests.


A little groggy getting up for our early morning game drive.

“I see you”

Ostrich Crossing

Giraffes are so graceful and elegant.

These two cracked us up!

It was the most perfect three days. We had so much fun as a family relaxing and adventuring. I definitely think everyone needs to add it to their bucket list!

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