Rehma Tournament 2017

Our annual Rehma Tournament was played on February 19th. The usual pitch we play on is getting a major make over (it’s so amazing, we can’t wait for it be finished and play on it!) courtesy of the government so we shifted to a different pitch. Boys will play no matter where they are and people will always come watch. The pitch quickly filled with hundreds of people.

Selah is our main guy. Other than Kelvin, I think he has the biggest heart for youth in this community. He was out promoting this tournament. He even got on some local radio stations and gained support.

Lines on the pitch are painted on in the early morning and are usually gone by the time the games have started so the boundaries are a little…flexible.

Thumbs up!

If you have ever watched a professional soccer game on tv, you often see the players walk out onto the field holding the hands of young kids. That is what this team did! They had a younger team all dressed in their jerseys and walked out on the field with them. It was TOO awesome. This cute little boy had his game face on.

One of the teams in the finals.

Warm up

Ok time for me to rant about these coaches. They LOVE their players and their communities. The time and energy they invest in the people around them is admirable. We are quickly learning they are not just coaches; they are also leaders in their communities being able to reach people and identify needs. I can see us working closely with them in the upcoming days.


This one is by far my favourite coach 😉

Oh my girls…they are too cute for words. They did so well at the pitch despite it being atrociously hot and lasting 4 hours. I guess it helps when you find a cute tuk tuk to play in.


This is the only picture of me as I was the one taking most of the photos. Always a mama. Always with my girls around me.

Kelvin had these awesome shirts made for the coaches with the names of their teams on the back.

Kelvin also decided to invest in plaques for our future tournaments.

Like SERIOUSLY, how cute is she?

Coach Selah

The celebration as the whistle blew ending the game.


A number of our former youth came out including our friend Lolo in the green.

Time for speeches. Kelvin was given so much honour for what he does for his community. Then he took it and threw it right back to his coaches and players.

Check out this girl speaking to all these young men!! This is Maimuna, a local girl who has a huge desire to serve her community. Her and I got a chatting and we can’t wait to partner with her.

Some mamas checking out what all the fuss is about.

Part of the crowd as the day is ending.

We seriously can’t thank you enough for making this possible! Every scholarship, soccer ball, gift voucher, t-shirt, cleats and more was given with love. Kongowea thanks you!

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