Support Letter

Since I was a little girl, Africa has consumed me. It was strange as no one in my family had ever been to Africa, I didn’t know anyone who was from Africa or who had any other skin colour than white, I never learned about it in school or saw it on the news but I knew Africa existed and I was captivated. As I grew older, the calling to be in Africa strengthened and I began to pursue this passion. I headed there as a naïve 17-year-old, then a 19-year-old college student, and eventually resided there for 10 months as a 20-year-old short-term missionary. As I pondered where my life was going and what my next steps should be, nothing fit. I planned to do other things, but my ambition faded. I felt pressured by the standards of our society and what the “right” or “normal” life was. Eventually I broke down. That’s when God stepped in and reminded me of my great love for Africa. He has placed this immense passion for Africa in my heart so that I would pursue it for His Glory

So finally I said, “Yes, God” to pursuing a life-long calling to Africa. 

In April, I stepped foot onto a Word of Life compound just south of Mombasa. I was put there unexpectedly due to circumstances in my work. I did not know that these 3 weeks would open new doors for me. At the end of my time there, I decided to pursue becoming a part of this ministry. Word of Life is a worldwide youth ministry. They work in 56 countries around the world training, investing in and building up the next generation of youth. If you would like to learn more about their work you can visit

In January, I will be starting a short-term bible course offered by Word of Life in Nairobi. Once I have finished, I will move back to Mombasa and work with the team there for the rest of the year. I will be involved with their various bible clubs, youth camps, schools, outreaches, and concerts. I am also looking forward to creating more relationships with young girls and continuing the relationships that I made last year. I am beyond excited to be back in Kenya, to be a student, and to mingle amongst the people I love.

One thing God has put on my heart is to be more connected to people back home. I have found a passion for writing and telling stories of the people I meet, the things I experience and the ways God is working in lives across the world. I have created a blog ( to keep you frequently updated with the happenings of my life in Kenya and will also be sending out my regular email updates.

But I need YOU! Would you please consider being a part of my support team? There are two ways you can support me.

1. Prayer/Encouragement – This time I will not have security issues so I am able receive/write emails more. Would you commit to praying for me? Or writing me an email of encouragement or a phone call every once in a while? If so would you send your email address and mailing address to If you would like to be a part of my prayer/encouragement team, could you start praying for the following items?

  – All the pieces to be put into place before I leave in less than a month!
  – My family as their daughter heads to Africa YET again
  – God’s ultimate provision of everything I need
  – My heart as I leave my family and friends, I become a student again, and I return to the nation and people I love.
  – That my ministry in Kenya would continue to be fruitful, that I would be receptive to the lead of the Holy Spirit, and that God would work powerfully in and through me.
2. Financially- As the organization is a faith-based organization, I am required to raise my own support/salary. My budget for this trip will be 12,000CAD that includes my airfare, tuition, room and board, pocket money, immigration fees, and administration fees. If you feel led to financially support the ministry in Kenya, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send your gift to the address listed. If you would like to make an online gift, you may call Elisabeth Dineen at 518-494-6360 (Schroon lake, NY) and she will be happy to set that up for you!

Thank you for being apart of this wonderful journey with me. My prayer is that you too would be blessed by what God is doing in lives of people across the world!

Ubarikiwe, (Blessings)


“But when He saw the multitudes,

He was moved with compassion for them,

 because they were weary and scattered,

like sheep having no shepherd.”

Matthew 9:36

I want to partner with the ministry of a Word of Life missionary. I would like my gift to benefit the ministry of Nikole MacGregor and the work in Launch. I understand that the use of my gift is subject to the discretion and control of Word of Life Fellowship, Inc. Donations will be acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt.

  ____ I would like to pray faithfully for this ministry            
  ____ I would like to make a special gift of $_____        
   ____ would like to commit to make regular gifts            
            of $______   monthly.                                                 

City________ Province ________ Postal Code________

for office use: 0L0766                                                           

Please send this form along with your gift to:

Canada: Word of Life, RR8, Owen Sounds, ON, N4K 5W4

USA: Word of Life, PO Box 600, Schroon Lake, NY 12870

*Please make checks payable to Word of Life (NOT me)

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Dominik Hasek was at Jesus’ birth?

Last year I bought this beautiful, hand crafted nativity set in Kijabe. I loved it because the people have faces that are shaped like those of the Masai people. That was the purpose of the artist. So I pulled it out this year and proudly displayed it in our living room next to our Christmas tree. My parents and I sat there ooing and aweing at it when my brother comes upstairs with his own additions to the scene. Apparently Dominik Hasek, the famous hockey goalie, witnessed Jesus being born over 2000 years ago! And even the Jack-in-the-box head joined them in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The frogs also must have heard the news and followed the star to where Jesus lay. Wow!

I love goofing around with my family.

My brother and I have always liked to wrestle.
Although, these days I am the one who ends up getting hurt
Happy Birthday Daddy!

These 3 people are what makes moving across the world really hard. If only I could convince them to move with me….

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My Matatu Dream

I saw a picture the other day of the dirty, busy, crammed streets of Nairobi. I must confess, it warmed my heart. Since then, I have been thinking about matatus. I am sure I have mentioned them before in my emails or in my stories. Forgive me as sometimes I just assume that you know what they are. They are a huge industry in Kenya. You can’t go anywhere without seeing them.

So what are they? Minibuses. They are the public transport in Kenya. And I LOVE taking them. Why you might ask?

Well, there are no specific bus stops. You pretty much just stand on the sides of the roads and stick out your hand or raise your eyebrows to signal to the conductor to pick you up. You can also be dropped off anywhere you would like.

They are super cheap. The one I used to take to work everyday in Mombasa would cost me about 20cents a ride.

They are more fun than buses here in Canda. They have SO much more character. Because most of them are privately owned, the owner choses the decor. The most pimped-out matatu generally gets the most business. And boy, are they ever pimped out. On the outside they have explicit pictures of various rappers, political icons, and graffiti. On the inside, florescent lights accompanied by more pictures of celebrities only add to the video screen which is playing the latest music videos.

Then there are two people who work in the matatu. One is the driver who drives the vehicule. The second is the conductor who is the one who spots the customers on the sides of the roads, collects the money, and manages the coming ins and outs. When the conductor sees a person who wants to get in, he knocks the roof and the driver stops. He knocks it again to signal to the driver that they are ready to start driving again. Same process happens when one wants to get off the matatu.

I enjoy the sketchiness of them. I know, crazy as it sounds but they are more like a rollarcoaster ride than a public transport method. They often drive much crazier than the other cars, most of them are broken down and rickety, and they tend to cram in as many people as possible even if it is against the law. The most people I have ever been in a matatu with is 24. Yes, 24 human beings crammed into a mini bus. Personal body bubble?  It’s popped.

However, there is dark side to matatus. Most of them have very sexual content and promote a very gangster lifestyle. Most of the content on the inside has to do with nudity, sex, and course language. I hear that there are large gangs who control many of the matatus. I remember being quite disgusted as I sat in front of the tv screen while the most degrading music video was playing. I diverted my eyes elsewhere.

Of course there are the missionary matatus that preach Jesus. On the outside there are bible verses and biblical pictures, but on the inside, the degrading videos still play. There are some that are filled with cheesy pictures of Jesus and very light and fluffy sayings about Jesus. Quite honestly, those ones embarrass me too.

So, I have a special place in my heart for matatus.

A few months ago I started to dream about running my own matatu business (ministry) one day. I have asked about the best routes to run my matatu and the most attractive colours that I should paint it. I have been told that its about the music that is being played and how loud it is. I have already asked some of my friends to work as the driver or conductor. I myself have thought about driving it. It would be quite the site seeing a white girl driving a matatu. It’s a pretty male dominated industry. And I am pretty sure that I would be too timid and slow behind the wheel. I have started to figure out the costs and the income. But more than anything,  I want it to be a good influence on the roads in Kenya. I want people to come in my matatu and feel completely comfortable, to be loved and accepted, and to feel safe. I want good conductors and drivers who can reach out to the other conductors and drivers. Many of them are young guys who can’t find work or who have little education. Some of them are also much sought after by the university girls and are often found with fake diamonds in their ears and an arm around a pretty lady.

My heart has compassion for this industry as I see the huge impact it’s culture has on the people in Kenya.

I want people to experience Christ’s amazing grace and extravagant love…in my matatu.

Here is a fun video I found that very accurately describes a matatu experience.

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