Kid’s Camps

One of Word of Life’s biggest ministries is youth camps. Every holiday season they hold numerous weeks of camps where kids come, learn about Jesus, and just play! Camps are extremely exhausting for those running them but incredibly rewarding. One of my favourite camps is when we actually leave the property and go to kids who would not be able to attend our camps because they could not afford it. We go to the ‘slums’ and ‘ghettos’ of Kenya and we meet the greatest characters. These kids have probably seen and experienced more than we ever will in their young age so it is so amazing to treat them to a fun day. Here are just a few of my fav moments of camps this year. 
Kids love to dance. We bring along the latest gospel music and have great DJ’s that play the kid’s favourite hits. Mini dance sessions are a must.
Kids in the ghetto dance much differently (a little on the provocative side) than those in the village. We saw some..uh..interesting moves. But it’s all the know. They see it in their older siblings and the latest, coolest celebs. 
A dear friend Chao is a talented dude. He has an album and has played this song numerous times at camps to the point where all the kids know the words. So cool. 
World Cup Fever hit Kenya hard. I am pretty sure that every kid, whether they could even talk or not, knew all the words to K’naan’s “wavin flag” and Shakira’s “this time for africa”. 
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