‘He will eat you!’

I was sitting beside the pitch yesterday, watching the boys practice, when two little sisters came up to me and struck up a conversation.

They didn’t speak english but their swahili was simple enough that they could talk and I could understand and even respond a few words here and there. (Actually, at first they didn’t think I was white. They thought I was a Kenyan because I could speak swahili back to them. At some point, a group of about 10 school came over to analyze me and see if I was truly a white person or if I was an Indian. It was quite humorous listening to them debate and watching them stare at me intently.)

I was reading a book that had a picture of a shepherd and a sheep on it. They asked me, “who is this?” I told them, “It’s Jesus. Do you know Jesus?” The older girl said, “Ah yes. I am a Christian, Islam is not good.”

I just smile and nodded.

Then the younger sister started asking about Jesus. The older one started to explain to her about Jesus, loving Him, and knowing that he is the only way to get ‘up there’ to heaven.

“And Satan?” the younger sister asked.

“He will eat you!” The older sister scolded her.

I burst out laughing. And so did the little girls.

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