Grandma in Kenya and Mercy Turns 3!

In the middle of March, I was FaceTime-ing with my parents when my mom held up a paper confirming flights. At first I thought they had booked their flights for November, which is when my parents were going to come visit us. Then she showed me a little closer and it said April 5th! She was coming in 3 weeks for Mercy’s birthday. She was trying to keep it a secret. Kelvin knew. But she just couldn’t hold it in anymore so she let me in on the secret. We decided to keep it a secret for Mercy – more for my sanity so she wouldn’t be asking me everyday when Grandma is coming.

I posted on Facebook the first moments that mom and the kids saw each other. It was way too precious. Her visit was a blessing. My kids were in love with Grandma barely giving her room to breathe. Mom was a trooper and soaked up as much of the girls as she could. Kelvin and I got a little break and even were able to have a few date nights – the first since we left Canada.

Her visit allowed us to slow down a bit and spend time with family. The weeks leading up to her visit were bumpy for us and we needed to slow down.

Here are just a few snippets of the awesome fun with had with Grandma!

My mom is training to be a body builder and so her first morning here, Mercy decided to coach her through her work out.

We don’t have weights so Mercy offered to be one

Grandma had to endure all things crazy and Kenyan including matatu (bus) rides with us. 

Beach day!

This is my Baywatch strut

Just us girls letting the waves roll over us and the sand enter all crevices of our bodies

Amina fits perfectly in Grandma’s beefy arms

We had two birthday celebrations with Grandma. One with the entire Opiyo Tribe (excluding a few). Here is the merry bunch. Mercy of course refused to be apart of her own birthday photo with them.

Then we had a party with kids and friends. 

This kid may have stole the show with her charm

She switched hats with uncle O’neal

Her face…

Her face as she refused to blow out candles so Mom and Dad had to

Big bite!

Chocolate cake and Frozen plates is where it is at

I love this picture as it shows this goofy character Amina is developing. She’s such a little ham…

A frozen water bottle for a special princess

And goggles for swimming!!

We discovered this awesome beach resort that had a pool with a waterpark in it for kids. Grandma treated us for two days and it was a blast!

We all got in on the water polo action

Grandma is FIERCE!

Mercy’s got the ball

It was such a gift to have her here!

Now we just need Grandpa to come!

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