Giggles Galore!

We finished our 3 day camp today. It was an incredibly exhausting day but it was filled with giggles giggles giggles galore! My cheeks were hurting pretty bad at one point from smiling so much.
We had split the campers into older and younger kids. The younger kids had a bible lesson and then played games and did crafts. The older kids had a more in depth group discussion time following their bible teaching. However, today we did things a little differently. Yesterday we got the youth to write some of their burning life questions on a piece a paper and hand them in. Today, we addressed each question, had people share their opinions, and then turned to the bible for a final authority. It was such a blast! The questions ranged from “Is it ok to have a girlfriend?” to “Is sex ok?” to “Should we watch action movies?” to “Why are you guys here doing this camp for us?” to “Did Judas really hang himself?”
It was awesome being able to listen to them and their views and ideas on these subjects. These are pressing issues in their cultures and lives right now and they need guidance. So we were able to tell them what we know to be true in the bible plus share in many laughs.
This is Sammy, one of the organizers of this camp
During break time, I was sitting on a log with a friend of mine who started chatting with some of the kids. They got such a kick out of what he was saying that we drew a big crowd around us. The kids burst into laughter at every comment he made. They giggled until their tummies hurt. I tried to take some pictures of these beautiful, giggly faces. 
This is the only picture of me that I got over the past two days and it was a complete fluke. I had taken a picture of a little kid and turned the camera to face him so he could see himself. I must have pressed the button and took a picture of myself. So this is what half my face looks like these days! 
The camp was a blast although near the end of the day I was fading big time. I was so exhausted and hungry! We didn’t end up eating lunch till around 3ish. My tummy was a grumblin’. Tomorrow is a public holiday. It’s the promulgation day for the constitution. Tomorrow it is officially signed over to be Kenya’s constitution. Again, security is the number one priority tomorrow especially in Nairobi as the have shut down streets for two days and searched the park which it will be held for any suspicious items. They will also be doing body scanning and having metal detectors for anyone who wants to be apart of the ceremony. There are presidents from other nations coming to join the occasion. It will be a momentous day for Kenya! 
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