Finding A House In Kenya

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Do you have a place to live yet?”

Simply put, No. No, we don’t have a house yet. Even if we did have a house, we have approximately zero furniture to go into a house. So how do we go about getting a house?

We are working with an agent in Kenya that we have worked with before. We like him and trust him. He has showed us a few options, most of which are within our budget but are way too fancy for our liking. We have had friends go and check out these houses and have also said that we are from the West but we aren’t ‘like that’ subtly hinting that we don’t need or do fancy houses.

When we arrive in Kenya we are spending a few days on safari (an anniversary gift from Kelvin to us girls) as we drive down to Mombasa. We have then rented a fully furnished, full amenity apartment till the end of February. This will give us time to adjust to life in Mombasa, find a house, and buy stuff to put in that house.

So what are we looking for in a house? We are looking for something similar to what is pictured below:

Ha, kidding. This is actually Kelvin’s house he built on his mom’s property in the village. It now holds livestock and wood as mom has built herself a nicer house. Eventually we will build something similar to this on her property again for when we go to visit her. I’m good with that.

In Mombasa, we are looking to rent a home. We desire for this house to be located nearby the community we work in so we can have people over and share our lives with them. We desire for this house to be comfortable, not too fancy and not to shabby, for our friends to come over. We want to create a safe environment for people to unwind, learn, grow, get nourished, and feel loved.

Of course we are looking for something that is comfortable for our family. I would love for the girls to have space to play outside possibly with new friends they will meet. And a breeze that flows perfectly through the windows eliminating any need for air conditioning. Water that flows semi-regularly to the house would be a bonus too.

In the past, Kelvin and I have done the following steps in finding a rental in Kenya:

  1. Decide you want to move
  2. Go out for a walk to scope out any neighbourhoods or buildings you would like to live around
  3. Go ask people nearby if they know of any vacant houses
  4. Find someone who knows someone who knows someone who is renting a great place
  5. Contact that person
  6. See the house (it’s almost always vacant)
  7. Pay a deposit and move into the house

As you can see from our previous methods, we need to actually be in Kenya to find a place.

So would you pray for us to find the right house to move into come March?

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