Danger Ahead!

It’s sunday night and I am absolutely exhausted after a crazy yet super fun few days. Yesterday we held a youth rally here at Word of Life. We have been spending our days planning this event for the past 3 weeks. It was a great success. We had about 250 students from local high schools come and join us for the afternoon. It was a lot of laughing, singing, dancing, and of course, the Word of God.

Our theme was “DANGER AHEAD” from Hebrews 2:3. This was the back of the t-shirt that I had designed and made. It was simple but bold. 
Meet my team mate Jon Mwongi or as we like to call him, Senior. He is a talented dude especially when it comes to music and leading worship music. He has been at Word of Life for about 5 years now serving on the ministry team. He is  calm, cool and collected. It’s very hard to get this guy angry or frustrated. I very much enjoy being on the team with him. 
I was absolutely delighted to see Shimba Hills high school walk through the door. A few weeks ago, me and my four other team mates went on an adventure trying to find this school. We happened to pick the wettest, rainiest day in Mombasa’s history to do it. Shimba Hills is literally over many many hills. It took us about 2 hours just to find the school. Mud made the journey difficult. We had to get out and push the van up the hills when it got stuck. We were splattered with mud as the tires spun around furiously and the rain poured down on us. It turned out to be a 4 hour excursion just to get to this school. But our efforts paid off. God had a plan for us and for the Shimba Hills students. We had a couple of them accept Christ and dedicate their lives to following Him wholeheartedly! 
We were fortunate to have one of our friends, Christine Ndela, come and sing for the kids. She is a bit of a celebrity here in Kenya. She sings beautiful gospel music. So when she got up on the stage to sing, she had the entire crowd up on their feet dancing. Even some kids had made up a routine to one of her songs and decided to become her back-up dancers. The students loved it. 
The day was a big success. I enjoyed every part of it. And now I am enjoying every part of my bed where I think I will lay my head to rest early tonight. 
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