Grammar never was my forte

I was just reading through some of my past blog posts and I realized that my grammar and spelling are terrible.


Pole in swahili.

I never was the best writer. I used to send my college essays to my dad so he can proof read them before I had to submit them. I remember a co-worker of mine spending a considerable amount of time correcting the mistakes on a report I had written. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I am just a lazy typer or I neglect to look over my drafts before I make them final. Maybe my head goes too fast for my fingers.

Although, in my defence, my english is really suffering these days with all the swahili and broken english I listen to everyday. Today I was having lunch with some friends when I said, “You is going tomorrow?” Oh my. My family and friends laugh at me when we talk on Skype because I have a funny accent and get my words all mumbled up. I get frustrated when I can’t find the right word in english or in swahili. If I am trying to speak swahili but I can’t find the word I am looking for, I will replace it with the french word thinking that it’s ok just as long as it is not the english word. Kenyans should know french right?

Whatever the reason may be, I am sorry for the frequent sloppy writing. Sometimes I can’t even understand what I have written. Thanks for still reading.

You’ve got mail

Before I went to Eldoret last Monday, I stopped at the big post office to send some letters that I have been meaning to send for a long time now. I really like receiving letters myself so I thought it would be special to write letters to people back home. I didn’t realize the process was so long. I think from the time I bought the cards (which I had been looking for for weeks) and wrote in them, found addresses and got them to the post office, it took about 4 weeks. Once I got to the post office, they gave me the stamps to go put on all the letters. These are the old fashion stamps that you have to lick to get them to stick not like the ones that are already stickers back in Canada. So I sat down and started licking my stamps and plastering them on the envelopes. I then realize everyone else is staring at me. I figure out that no one else is licking the stamps. They are using the glue or water provided on the table. I stopped licking them and started to use the water to paste them on. It worked better and my tongue didn’t taste like adhesive anymore.
The process was long and took a lot of work so if you don’t get something in mail, please know I still love you and that I will be working on my communication through emails. 


I hate the whole build up to the goodbye thing. I love the feeling when I am pushed through the security gate and there is no turning back. There is no more goodbyes to be said. There is no more worrying about if you packed everything. It’s done and you just keep going. I am looking forward to that tomorrow. This past week has been wonderful. I have been quite relaxed and calm. I had a great last sleep in my bed. My head isn’t running too much with all the details of what is happening. It’s completely God. He’s given me a sound mind not to fret or fear or be anxious. I only got a bit frustrated when one of my suitcases weighed in 14lbs overweight. Blarg! I had to leave a few of my belongings behind (including my old computer that I planned to give away) and switch to a smaller, lighter suitcase but all is well now. 

A few months ago I wrote a very specific list of things I needed for this trip in one of my journals. Some of the items were little things (a new power adapter, a few skirts), some were a little more finicky (a new good pair of sandals, a full piece bathing suit) and some were quite outrageous (a new camera, $10,000+ support,  and my dream computer: a Macbook pro). I surrendered them to God knowing that my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches of glory in Christ Jesus.

As I went to bed last night, I was recounting each thing on the list and picturing where it was in my suitcase. I realized that each item on that list is packed into one of my suitcases! I found a great pair of sandals last week, I got a new camera for christmas, the finances are rolling in just perfectly, and my dream computer is perched on my lap as I write this.

So God is good and He is supplying my needs in abundance!