All Packed and Ready to Go!


Departure day has arrived! Tomorrow morning we head out to start our (long) journey to Kenya. We will be arriving in Kenya on Wednesday morning B.C. time.

These past few weeks have been fun, encouraging, hard, tiring, nourishing, amazing, and so much more. We have been so fortunate to spend quality time with many of YOU! You have given us sweet gifts, encouraged us with words, and sent us out strong with prayers. We are so honoured to be a part of your lives!

We managed to get through the past few days of packing with only a few tears shed. All of our belongings, for our family of four, fit into SIX suitcases. Can you believe it? We can’t either. We also have a number of suitcases of donated items that we are excited to share!

We ask you keep us in your prayers this upcoming week. Pray for safe travels and peaceful hearts (especially for Nikole as she’s a pretty anxious flyer). Pray for the girls and this big transition. Pray for patience and energy and no toddler meltdowns. Pray for our health and immigration. Pray that we would enjoy this journey as a family, drawing closer to Him who has led us here.

We will try and update you along the way but we will need some time to adjust and settle in. February is going to be a big month of starting our new life in Kenya.

Thank you Canada for being so wonderful to us these past four years! We are excited to turn the page of this next chapter!

Love you all,

Kelvin, Nikole, Mercy and Amina

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