Karibu! Welcome to my blog! I’m Nikole (the one latching on to that adorable man who just happens to be my hubby – lucky me!)
This is my blog or my personal online journal. I like to write (or ramble) about anything and everything in my life. I hope you will enjoy reading about it!
I live in Kenya where I married the BEST man EVER, the Kelvinator.┬áTogether, we work in a slum loving some young people with everything we got. Our hearts are to see young people run hard towards God and thrive in their lives. It’s not an easy journey but a fulfilling one.
I eat rice and beans daily and hang my clothes to dry. I pray for safety every time I enter a vehicle. I can’t speak swahili fluently but I can roll a few words off my tongue to impress some people. I love a good cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake. I still talk to may parents every couple days. I get goosebumps every time I hear african children singing. I long for the day when we will build a small house in the village.
Most importantly, I am madly, deeply in love with my Saviour, Mr. Jesus himself. He is the reason I live and do what I do. He is the reason I am who I am and love the way I love. I am devoted to following Him wherever He may take me and doing whatever He asks me to do. Sure, I am stubborn sometimes and I often don’t get it right but He loves me all the same. And for that, I am grateful.